Wang Leehom’s latest single - 心.跳 (Heartbeat)

I wasn’t expecting myself to like this so much actually, cuz I’m more a quirky-song WLH fan than a ballad WLH fan. And plus, this song is SO K (karaoke… no offense, but it is!) But fact now is, I’m severely hooked. I had it on obsessive repeat on my way home this evening, and it doesn’t sound like it’s gonna die from an over-spin anytime soon. There’s something about the chorus that keeps me going back to the song again and again. No doubt the amazing hook played a part, but that aside, this chorus just sounds SO velvety. It’s the groove, the electric guitar, the harmonies and WLH’s newfound raspiness all rolled together. I’m really curious how the hi-fi version will sound. Much better, I’m sure. Just hoping that I’ve not over-spun the song to death before the album gets released.

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